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With a commitment to working at the highest standards & environmental awareness (as our ISO 14001 accreditation highlights) Complete Utilities have all the capabilities and experience to deal with any project in the most sustainable way possible.

Steps are in place to ensure we purchase all products and services with full consideration of the environmental aspects, potential impacts and costs associated with their life cycle. Our procurement practices ensure that our products and services are less harmful to the environment (land, air and water), and are made with less harmful materials. This will include buying local, buying recycled and recyclable, using less chemicals and reducing the carbon footprint associated with our services. Our own washplant highlights our recycling commitment.

At Complete Utilities we are dedicated to our corporate social responsibility to our employees, environment, and local community. We aim to focus on an approach that lessens our impact on all 3 of these areas, and leads to widespread benefits for all the stakeholders involved.

Our Clients Say

100% satisfied with your performance

100% satisfied with your performance, from all your teams from project management, excavation to final connection.