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Gloucester Cathedral - Water Works
Gloucester Cathedral - Water Works
by Complete Utilities Editor

Gloucester Cathedral - Water Works

Water works in highly sensitive areas

Project main points: -

  • Highly sensitive area due to the nature of the building and its archaeological importance.
  • High levels of general public and tourists visiting the Cathedral.
  • Achieved 90% of new water main installation using trenchless technology (pipe bursting).
  • Our trenchless technology allowed us to reduced the amount of ground excavation required which resulted in less material sent to landfill and minimal disruption to the site and the surrounding Cathedral grounds. Our team worked side by side with the onsite archeologists to make certain the historic area remained undisturbed.
  • Traffic management was key to ensure work ran smoothly and consistantly. Complete Utilities worked closely with local Highways Officers to ensure traffic disruption was kept to a minimum. An especially difficult task given the amount of one-way streets.