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Water Team Awarded for Outstanding Performance
Water Team Awarded for Outstanding Performance
by Steve Ryan

Water Team Awarded for Outstanding Performance

Congratulations to our team working on behalf of Amey and Severn Trent Water for being awarded their second ‘Integrated Assurance Certificate of Achievement’ for a large ongoing water mains replacement scheme.

This Certificate of Achievement was awarded in recognition of their continuing SHEQ standards of excellence for their exceptional work at Crabbs Cross in Worcestershire.

The large scheme was met with multiple challenges; however, the team received fantastic customer feedback throughout and continued to work together with the Highways to minimise destruction to major roads, allowing access to residents at all times. Allowing access was made easier by the team reducing the amount of open cut required. The method that was used to reduce this was Directional Drilling, otherwise called ‘Trenchless Technology’. This technology allowed the team to increase speed, reduce cost and decrease the amount of material that was sent to landfill.

The well-deserved Integrated Assurance Certificate of Achievement’ was presented the Complete Utilities Water Division on the 30th July 2018 by Gary Baker and Jim Kennedy from the Severn Trent Water OSC Integrated Assurance Team.

Andy Davies and James Bagley also received their award for ‘Electro Fusion Welder of the Month’ after completing 67 joints with a flawless pass rate of 100%.

“Andy and James won Electro Fusion welder of the month of June for a perfect 100% JCI score. They were working to renew the clean water mains at Cookhill near Alcester, Warwickshire so the residents there will benefit from their excellent workmanship in years to come.’ – David Benson – Quality Manager, Severn Trent Water.

The Water team to date have had a large quantity of audits throughout the works at Crabbs Cross and have yet to have anything other than a result that is 100% Effective, with the Amey Project Manager Terry sending his “Thanks to all those behind the scenes that makes this team so successful.”

A huge thank you and well done to our team for their continued outstanding commitment, results and performance.